Why Is Brand Identity So Important?

For most companies, building your brand’s identity is paramount. Businesses with a recognizable and memorable brand enjoy a “leg-up” on the competition because they don’t have to keep reminding clients or customers that they are there. Your brand’s identity are the visual elements (color, design, logo, etc.) that people can recognize and correlate with your products or services.

It is crucial that your brand’s identity be cohesive, consistent, and memorable. To establish a strong brand identity, you should take the following steps:

  • Understand who you are and your ideal client group
  • Know your company’s strengths and weaknesses (many people recommend performing a SWOT analysis to fully understand both the opportunities and challenges)
  • Make sure your brand identity matches your business goals and the goals of those in your client group
  • Focus your messaging. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. To establish a strong brand identity, establish a consistent personality and voice for your company, and make sure the message remains coherent

Need help building your brand’s identity? The experts at Spot Color Marketing can help you cultivate the right image in the minds of your clients and customers. Contact us at 855-766-6322 or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation to discuss your brand, your image, and your goals.

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Geofencing Stats and Benefits

In our technologically driven world, people are using smartphones phones more than ever. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center study, a vast majority of Americans – 96% of the population – own a smartphone. Tapping into this ubiquitous technology can be a game-changer for marketing. Marketing is most effective when it targets real consumers who have a need that you can fulfill in an immediate way.

With geofencing, you can accomplish that.

Geofencing is location-based marketing that uses cell phone location data to send a targeted marketing action, such as an email, text message, or social media advertisement to a consumer in a specific place. For example, when a young person enters a shopping center, they can be shown an Instagram ad for a special deal at one of the mall’s stores or be sent a text.

The average consumer spends more than four hours a day looking at their phones, and most of those people prefer advertisements that are personalized to their interests and location. Mobile ads with geofencing have double the click-through rate than regular ads, indicating that consumers are more likely to find out more about an ad that relates directly to them. What’s more, geofencing is proven to work because 53% of consumers visited a retailer after receiving a location-based ad.

Using geofencing, you can better target your audience, giving them a personalized experience, and spend your marketing budget more effectively. You’ll also be provided with better data collection that can help you to understand your customers.

At Spot Color Marketing, we’re experts at helping small businesses build their brand identity and revolutionize their marketing efforts. Please email us at spot@spotcolormarketing or call us today at (855) 766-6322 for a free consultation.

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Three Essential Techniques for Property Management Marketing

Effective, targeted marketing is key to growing your business. When you are in the property management business, it is often difficult to find the time to focus on new marketing initiatives. Unfortunately, that can mean losing out on meaningful connections and opportunities that can help your business grow.

If you are interested in improving your company’s marketing in the new year, here are a few strategies that you can implement today!

Get involved and give back

This one is huge! One of the most important ways you can get your name out there, get more visibility, and get name recognition is to get more involved with your community and to give back.

When people see companies making a difference and showing that they care, they remember. It creates good word of mouth and positive buzz surrounding your brand.

Try reaching out and partnering with other local businesses, sponsor local events, and participate in community activities or outreach programs. You’d be amazed at the difference this small step can make in your business and the positive impact it can have on your community.

Partner with Airbnb

Airbnb has been one of the hottest trends in the hospitality industry, why not get in on the action? Partnering with Airbnb is helping property companies stay relevant and competitive in the market today.

Market your values

Who are you? What do you stand for? Increasingly people want to know what the company’s they do business with stand for. Putting out a strong mission statement, marketing your values, and standing by them is not just a tool, it gets people in your corner and can help create brand loyalty. People want to feel like they are contributing to making their community a better place through shared goals, hopes, and dreams. Don’t be afraid to share yours.

Need help with your 2020 marketing initiatives? Turn to the professionals at Spot Color Marketing

Marketing may seem like a time consuming and daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. These are small steps you can take today to increase your brand awareness. Need more help or want to take things a step further?

Contact the experts at Spot Color Marketing. We can help you grow your business with tailored marketing solutions that meet your specific needs. SEO, geofencing, text advertising, web development. Let us help you get the word out about your business, and we’ll let you focus on what is important to you: providing the highest-quality property management services to your clientele.

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Spot Digital Marketing Named One of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Portland, Oregon

Spot Digital Marketing has the honor of being named one of the top Marketing Agencies in Portland, Oregon! This award comes from Expertise, after a thorough evaluation of 148 marketing agencies that are currently serving the Portland area. Spot Digital topped their list of 19 digital marketing agencies in Portland, Oregon for 2018. The goal of Expertise is to connect people with the best local experts by checking over 25 variables across various categories, and the Spot Digital Team is ecstatic to have ranked so highly for our second consecutive year!

A Brief History:

Spot Digital Marketing’s journey started over 17 years ago. We are led by our founder and owner Nicole Weber, who has worked professionally as a graphic designer and art director for over 20 years. She took her vision of an honest and transparent agency and grew it into a full-service marketing firm that serves businesses in Oregon and across the nation. Collectively, we are marketing experts, project managers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters and digital specialists; we love what we do and seeing our clients’ tangible business growth come to fruition is our biggest reward.

What We Offer:

  • SEO: We use content and backlinking strategies to increase keyword relevance and organic ranking for your website to ensure potential customers find you online.
  • PPC: We are a certified Google Partner using a continual optimization strategy including A/B testing for Pay-Per-Click campaigns to produce a successful ROI.
  • Geofencing: Spot Digital Marketing creates and manages geo-based digital campaigns to reach hyper-local audiences and demographics in a geocentric area around a business.
  • Content creation: Our marketing specialists take a strategic approach to writing content to craft stories that articulate and highlight a clients brand.
  • Text message marketing: The marketing team at Spot Digital are experts with text message marketing campaigns. With a 95% delivery rate and a 98% open rate, these campaigns get your brand in front of relevant and active consumers.
  • Website development: Building functional and responsive websites that attract and convert new leads is a passion of our web development team. Our specialists are dedicated to your project and focus on content and imagery that will best resonate with your target audience.
  • Brand creation: New or existing, we want to improve all the strengths of your brand. Our experienced design team works closely with clients to ensure the identity is consistent and engaging with consumers.

Experience Award Winning Quality Service First-hand:

If you are ready to see what the experts at Spot Digital Marketing can do for you, fill out our contact form. Not sure where to begin? We offer a complimentary SEO audit to those who visit our website. Once we gain an understanding of a company’s digital footprint, we can help you construct a clear and concise marketing plan. All other inquiries can be sent to us via email.

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The 3 Best Practices for A/B Testing

What is your business doing to maximize your A/B testing efforts? In a previous post, we explained the importance of A/B testing. As a quick refresher, A/B testing is the practice of running two versions of a promotion to test a singular variable, such as what the call to action will look like, e.g. the color of a button or the wording of a phrase such as ‘Join Now’ vs. ‘Register Here’. You should perform an A/B test if you notice a promotion your company is running is not yielding the results you were hoping to receive. Now the Spot Digital Marketing research team is back to give you the 3 best practices of A/B testing!


1. Test the appropriate key performance indicator and promotional element

A/B TestingBefore you run an A/B test, you should determine what key performance indicator (KPI) you want to measure. Popular key performance indicators include conversion rate, cart abandonment rate for retailers, email capture rate, and average order value. There are six elements of promotion to consider testing for and it is important to choose the correct one to improve your campaign. Call to action, taglines, offer copy, the value of the offer, image, and the number of steps are all measurable KPIs that play important roles when customers view your promotional content. If one of the elements is off, it may be the cause of your promotion’s low performance.


2. Write down your hypothesis

A/B TestingIf you are not jotting your hypothesis down for yourself, at least document it for those who come after you or anyone who asks to see a report. The hypothesis does not need to be elaborate, it just needs to state specific action and outcomes of what you think changing the KPI and the promotional element will do for your bottom line. For example, “We predict changing the tagline in the subject line of our emails to something witty will resonate with our younger audience and increase the open rate.”


3. Watch your timing

A/B TestingBe sure to send out your promotional emails at peak times for your audience. Sending out an email when your audience is online may sound like a no-brainer, but it never hurts to be reminded. Studies have shown that promotional emails perform well on Fridays, however, you should look at your own email data to find the time your open rate, click-through-rate, conversion rate are highest.


Running an A/B test can be very time consuming if you are a small business juggling many tasks. Luckily, you can hire a digital marketing agency such as Spot Digital Marketing to manage this process for you. We have 17 years of experience in supervising paid-per-click campaigns, monitoring SEO rankings, developing successful text message advertisements, and much more.

Receive your business’ complimentary SEO audit by visiting our website or contacting us directly with any questions you have about A/B testing.

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Grow Customers with a Google Shopping Feed

Google Shopping Feed

If you are opening a small business with a physical location, obviously you want to get the word out through advertising and marketing to draw customers into your store. The same concept holds true for an online store, although the execution of that strategy is very different.

If you are selling goods of any type online, then a Google shopping feed should be part of your marketing plan.

What is a shopping feed? In summary, it is a file that is generated from your website, providing details on products you have for sale. These details include product descriptions, photos and pricing—as well as any special promotions or coupon codes.

By utilizing this type of product feed, your business can reach a broader audience of potential consumers, with some of your products appearing on comparison shopping sites and search engines such as Google. Using a Google shopping feed generates direct traffic, and more sales, to your online business. It also gives your business a wider online footprint, presenting it and its goods to a larger potential audience of customers.

You can purchase a shopping feed, or the code to install one, from a variety of third-party companies. However, the best way to create a Google shopping feed is through XML. Many ecommerce sites already use XML coding. Most Google shopping feeds already are constructed to support data in text spreadsheets or XML. When installing and managing your Google shopping feed, it is also important to construct a feed by paying particular attention to keywords. Also, you will want to manage and regularly update the feed to ensure you always are reaching your target audience.

At Spot Color Marketing, we have the skills and knowledge to both install and manage your Google shopping feed for you, freeing you up for all the other tasks that come up for a successful entrepreneur. We also know how to reach any target audience through keywords and search engine optimization; after all, we’ve been doing it since 2001!

If you operate an ecommerce business and want us to manage or install a Google shopping feed on your site, contact us by calling (503) 477-4355 or email us at spot@spotcolormarketing.com. We also can give you an entirely new site that will be sleek, simple, and establish a professional and impressive online presence.

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Marketing and Website Evaluation in Your Spring Cleaning

Website Evaluation

As a business owner, staying current is of utmost importance. You want to stay on top of the latest marketing trends. You want to make sure your inventory is up to date. You want to make sure your employees continue to provide the highest level of service and courtesy.

So when evaluating the state of your business, don’t neglect your website and digital marketing plan.

You should perform one of these evaluations, at the minimum, at least once per year. Spring is the season of rebirth and new growth, making it an excellent time to evaluate your marketing strategy. When doing so, here are some key factors to consider during the “spring clean-up” of your business’s online presence and the performance of your website.

Traffic report: Compare your traffic to that from one month ago, or one year ago at this time. Determine if there is an increase or decrease and, if so, what led to the change. What pages or content are producing the most traffic? What are the top external sources driving traffic to your site? Are they coming from search engines? And if so, which ones? This can help you tweak your marketing strategy.

Location, location, location: What is the geographic location of the visitors to your site? Are the majority of them close to your home base?

Be brutally honest: Take a look at what aspects of your plan are working and which are not. Is the original content on your site generating traffic? If so, why or why not? Do you have a social media presence? If so, how is it performing? Is the message of your branding consistent? Answering these questions honestly by looking at the hard data will give you the best course of action for the future.

All of the data regarding a website and its traffic can be overwhelming. However, we can perform an audit report on your website and search engine optimization at Spot Color Marketing. This report evaluates the rank and health of your website and, best of all, it’s absolutely free.

Spot Marketing is a Google Certified Partner and based in Portland, OR. We’re considered a premier digital marketing agency with clients Nationwide. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur and would like a free website audit for your site, contact us today by calling (503) 477-4355 or sending an email to spot@spotcolormarketing.com.

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Marketing Micro-Moments

Marketing Micro-Moments helps your business find customers in the moments when they want to do business with you most. When they break a shoe, or spill coffee on their only shirt before a big meeting. The intent to buy is high, and time is limited. Be there for your people in those moments.

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