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Maximizing Impact: The Power of Concise Blogging Microblogging is a form of online communication that allows users to share short messages or updates. It has become increasingly popular due to its immediacy, brevity, and accessibility. Perhaps it makes sense for you so the barrier to blogging often doesn’t seem so

AI is here, and at Spot, we’re excited. We view programs like ChatGPT like a new creative teammate, albeit one that doesn’t need coffee breaks and doesn’t get their feelings hurt if you don’t use their ideas. Here are all the ways we’re incorporating AI to increase our productivity on

The best type of new customer, whether you are an attorney, an air conditioning company, a roofer or a restaurant is one that was referred to you. Not only does it cost you nothing to generate a lead from referrals, but you actually get better quality clients because when referred

Have an e-commerce business and are debating whether to join Amazon or not? The largest e-commerce site in the world, Amazon is well known for protecting its consumers and bringing millions of products and services to their fingertips. It has been a game changer for thousands of businesses, either in

We develop strategies, create content, build products, launch campaigns, design systems and then some — all to inspire the people…

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