We help our clients to recognize and develop their own identity

The recipe to do that is by focusing and deeply understanding the elements of a new project to gradually make them part of an inspiring seamless brand.

Trusted by more than 2,000 customers

Only by getting a knowledge of your industry, competitors and target audience, we can build your digital presence over solid ground.

I’m starting a new business and needed a website that reflected my style and what I would be offering. A friend told me about Spot and they got right to work creating a beautiful website for my business. They also helped with on-page SEO and submitting the site to search engines so potential clients can find my business online. As a new business, I appreciate the value I received and the personal attention.

Angela Carr

Spot has been a reliable marketing partner for several years for traditional and online marketing activities including media buying, updated websites and design. I appreciate their responsiveness and ability to take my ideas and shape them into effective campaigns.

Tim Altman

“Since 2013 Spot has been helping us maintain and grow our online media presence while also providing other industry online connectivity services including SEO. As well, our website development by Spot has helped us position ourselves well for information to existing and potential new clients.”

Bob Beauchemin

As a new business, we needed help establishing a strong online presence and generating leads. Spot came in strong and is now responsible for a large portion of our new business.

Tyler Harttraft, Esq.

I use Spot because they took the time to really understand my business, they created a beautiful brand for my company, and react quickly when I need changes to my online materials and programs.

Mel Mason

When I needed a video commercial quickly, Spot drafted a script and put it together very quickly and for a great price, which was much appreciated!

Amber Peterson

Spot has provided us with great design! Through the years, they have been very responsive and helpful in communicating our story visually.

Leslie Constans

We needed a new, modern website that accurately reflected our company and positioned us well against our competitors. Spot delivered on all aspects, was easy to work with, and provided a website at a terrific price.

Mark Stanley

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