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YouAttest Case Study


Services: SEO, Email Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing 

Timeframe: 6 Months 

YouAttest – Transforming Digital Marketing with SPOT

YouAttest targets a very specific audience focused on IT professionals and those researching new options in cloud-based identity auditing. Because of this, organic strategies were deemed the best course of action for marketing. 

Keywords Ranked On Page 1: 77

Organic Traffic: +285%

Organic Leads: 11x

Email Marketing 

The email list consists of IT professionals for various companies as well as those researching new technologies for safety and security of data. Emails are sent out weekly including updates for upcoming events like webinars. 

Open Rate: 18% Avg

CTR: 2.4%

Subscription Increase: 50+ each month 

LinkedIn Marketing 

LinkedIn Live and other webinar platforms are utilized each month by YouAttest. Traditionally, the company does a panel of guest speakers in the IT world. By utilizing the platforms, along with email, updates are sent to a specific target audience about the events and how to sign up. After 4 months, the webinar averages over 50 people and is some of the highest shared content the client has released. 

Webinar Guests: 50+ a month

Engagement: +355%

Leads: 5+ per month 




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