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Why does digital marketing make more sense than ever right now?

digital marketing

If you’re like most of us, you’re staying home a lot more right now, not just during work hours but in the evening as well. And that probably means a lot more time in front of a screen of some sort to entertain yourself.

For example, in usual times, our fellow residents who are 65 and better spend nearly 10 hours a day on their computers, smartphones and televisions.

About 75% of that time is spent in front of the TV. That’s 12 percent more than people ages 35 to 49 and a third more than those ages 18 to 34, according to Nielsen market research released in August 2019. Now all of it has increased for every age group.

And that’s not all that’s changing. While watching TV did account for about twice as much time as radio, consumers are shifting the specific media they spend time with as options broaden.

Not driving in a car much anymore and that’s where you listened to the radio for newstalk? Now you’re accessing it online. Used to watch cable TV? Now you’re watching Hulu or another streaming service, increasingly on your phone. People for whom zoom meant go fast, now use it as a verb when talking about connecting with others. And even some of the 2.5 billion users on Facebook who swore off of it are finding that it provides a valuable connection to friends and family when there are fewer options and returning.

And the old advertising adage holds true more than ever – reach consumers where they are. And they’re online more now than ever, which makes them easy to reach and results easy to track. So that’s where your money should be. Reach them on Facebook and Instagram with compelling photos and offers. Put up great content on your website so you do well in organic search. Run banner ads on news sites and other places where your audience is likely to visit for information or entertainment. Place ads on YouTube when people are visiting similar brands or related topics. Native advertising where articles you create are placed in the correct environment for potential customers to find them. Retarget those who visit your website. It’s even possible to fuse virtual and actual by setting up a program to send a postcard to the home of those who have visited your website.

The other reason it’s important to reach consumers now is that with the right message, you can provide a solution to a problem, which is something that’s even more highly prized than before. We’re also living through a shared experience, so it’s a chance to connect with your customers in a deeply personal way.

And many experts believe that these new habits will stay with us long after everything starts to return to normal, so it’s a great time to understand all the benefits that targeted messages can bring to your business. Especially when you consider that according to HubSpot, on average advertisers make $8 for every $1 they spend on Google ads. Let Spot Color Marketing help you find your best possible online return on investment.

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