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Criteria for Considering a New Digital Marketing Agency

Use When Considering a New Digital Marketing Agency?

You’re the owner of a small business who would like to have a big business, but you’re not there yet. And you’re considering a new marketing partner to get you there – one that can serve as a real digital marketing agency partner. Where to start in choosing one that will help you achieve your goals? Here are some questions to start you on your journey to finding the perfect digital marketing agency.

Are they a small business?

It can sometimes be hard for a large digital marketing agency to remember their roots and what it felt like to be a start up or modest business looking to grow. A small digital agency may more easily understand your circumstances.

Do they work with other small businesses?

Is the digital marketing agency you’re considering happy working with small businesses or do you get the sense that they’d prefer larger clients, but won’t turn down the business. One good indication is the seniority of the people they assign to your account. Are they letting your account be “practice” for their junior staffers?

Are they responsive and empathetic?

Are they overwhelmed with too much business? This can be true of any size digital agency. Do they get back to you quickly? Are they able to turn around projects or make changes to your digital marketing quickly? Will they be proactive in bringing you new ideas and in analyzing your data analytics on an ongoing basis so adjustments can be made to optimize your results?

Do they have helpful knowledge beyond just digital marketing? 

As a small business, you may have issues that a good referral could help you address. Additionally, they should want to understand all aspects of your business, not just the front-facing portion.

Are their costs a good value that will allow for a strong return on investment for you?

Are the fees from the digital marketing agency reasonable so that combined with the hard advertising costs there is still room for a profit based on the business that they drive to you?

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