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The Benefits of Choosing a Smaller Boutique Marketing Agency

Advantages of Boutique Marketing Agencies

A big agency can seem very glamorous, with brand name clients you recognize and very slick presentations. But here are some reasons a large agency might not be your best choice when searching for a business marketing agency, or if you’re considering switching. Here are some factors to consider.

Who will actually handle your account?

While the big guns may do the presentation, the actual work will likely be done by much more junior partners. Agencies often like to let these associates cut their teeth on smaller accounts. That means they’ll be learning on your dime, and will only serve as messengers, not contribute to fresh ideas and seasoned guidance.

Will you be a priority at the marketing agency?

If you have something that needs to be done and a bigger client has something that needs to be done and resources are limited, your project could easily be pushed since your value to the agency is not as great. 

Will your rates be higher because you’re not doing as much volume?

A la carte projects/tasks can be priced higher as opposed to those that can be bundled and cost less if there is sufficient volume. It will be hard to ascertain if this is true, but it’s worth asking about. If you’re not a media-heavy account that can contribute to the agency’s bottom line with media commissions, that can come into play as well.

How does the agency bill?

Are they billing you for every 15-minute increment? Do you have a retainer that gives you more time for a set fee? Are you getting estimates for projects before work proceeds?

Do they act like they know you’re a small business?

Are they proposing expensive solutions when there are lower cost options? This can come into play with collateral and brochure designs, promotional items, conference booth materials and more.

Do they share ideas?

Is the marketing agency helpful with ideas for your business that you could potentially execute yourself that will contribute to your goals? Do they understand the full user experience and branding, or just media buying and creating content?

Do they understand your ultimate business goals?

Maybe you want to grow your business and position it for acquisition? Maybe you want to explore mergers? Maybe it’s a passion project and you want to grow it so it can be passed down to your heirs? Whatever it is, a good business marketing agency will ask those questions because it can, and should, influence the strategy they suggest.

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