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Text Message Marketing for Customer Loyalty Programs

Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing is a great way to connect directly to your customer base. By making it easy to offer exclusive deals, announce new products, or promote a flash sale, Text Message Marketing is perfect for customer loyalty programs.

What is Text Message Marketing?

This form of marketing uses standard text messages to broadcast your campaign. Our cell phones are a huge part of our lives today, so targeting customers on these devices is a smart move. In fact, 98% of people will read a text they receive within the first 5 minutes. This guarantees your customers will see your advertising!

Text Message Marketing targets customers who have opted into receiving news from your business via text. The list of customers then becomes your subscriber base for such a campaign. These people are those customers most interested and engaged with your product and business. Targeting this loyal group via text ensures that the marketing your customers see is relevant.

Once the campaign is broadcasted, we at the agency will analyze the results coming in. From here, we can optimize your campaign to ensure that your investment is being used in the most efficient way possible.

Why is Text Message Marketing Great for Loyalty Programs?

This form of marketing is perfect for customer loyalty programs. First off, it’s simple to register your customers; all they have to do is provide their phone number and opt-in to getting texts from your business. Secondly, Text Message Marketing is an inexpensive way to quickly spread the word about new promotions and products to those in your loyalty program.

Is Text Message Marketing a Feasible Option for my Business?

Text Message Marketing is an efficient and cost-effective strategy. For instance, options for running a Text Campaign here at Spot begin at just $140. Check out our pricing plans to see what’s included with each level.

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