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Getting the win begins with team development. As March is coming to a close, the madness of competition is never truly over. Sure marketing and basketball appear to be two different beasts entirely, but they are more similar than they seem.


Hitting the Gym: It’s all about preparation. Have you put the time into your marketing strategies to be elite, or are you falling out of the race in the first round?


In digital marketing the “gym rats” are your SEO counterparts. They lift the intellectual weights of analytics and insights to better strategize the on-court execution. It’s about getting in an organic position to field every available opportunity, rebound, and put-back dunk. These are the players on the team that give you hustle. They function as a teams back-bone when the battle get’s heated. Often overlooked as star players, and left out of the spotlight. These players do it for the love of the game, and they certainly make everyone on the team look better. If you’re calling the plays, don’t forget about the good guys doing the dirty work on the boards. Show them you see their hard work paying off, be an inspiring leader.


Team Development: If your leader is unorganized, unsociable and stressed out, what hope do the players being coached have for success?


How is your office morale? If you’re somebody’s boss you should be asking yourself that every week, if not every day. There are far too many leadership positions being squandered by ignoring this facet of teamwork and togetherness. If your employees feel like they don’t need you, if you’re just a figure head demanding respect without giving it back, you’ve already lost your team, and the game. Those players are going to leave for a better team, or they are going to stay and do sub-par work, because we all need to work whether we like it or not. Now, there’s always a chance to turn it around, and it starts at the top, be an inspiring leader.


Team Chemistry starts at the top, and works it’s way down. Encourage your team to socialize with each other. Create structured break opportunities for your players to have a chance to play together, especially if they wouldn’t have much contact in the context of the work day. Getting your moving pieces more connected emotionally, socially, and fundamentally is what team development is all about. It will not only give you a glance at what each players strengths and weaknesses are to better manage, but it also gives them something to work for that’s worth more than money. Team chemistry requires structuring an effort into your company’s ethos. It might not seem like it helps the bottom-line in the short run, and maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem to take priority for a lot of businesses, but in the long-run it is the only way to become a championship squad.


The Superstar: Again and again, make sure there is an inspiring leader in charge! That’s who your superstar is, that’s who they have to be. Have you ever seen a championship team without one? Not in this day and age, and not in tomorrows either. Like basketball, marketing is mostly about the fundamentals. Next time you’re watching a game, look for the similarities their team and your team have in common, and you’ll seem them in abundance. Let’s hope this is your year, and cheers to your championship run!



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