Led by Nicole Weber, Spot Digital Marketing is a well-known name in Portland, Oregon in advertising, marketing, and branding. Founded in 2001, Spot has expanded its services into SEO, PPC advertising, content development, email marketing, geofencing, web development, and brand creation. Portland State University, Schoolhouse Supplies, Sonetics, TEC Equipments, Cambia Health Solutions are among some chosen ones from Spot Digital’s rather long client list. 


Spot Digital Marketing serves as a one-stop shop to help its clients gain new leads through effective marketing and advertising strategies. In terms of its client selection strategy, Spot is category-agnostic and works with large corporations, manufacturers, small businesses, or nonprofits with the same rigor. Its in-house team is robust with project managers, marketers, graphic designers, web developers, back-end programmers, and copywriters. 


Location-Based Targeting of Ads 

With brands increasingly seeking location-based targeting of their ads, the demand for working with a location-based advertising-geofencing marketing agency is high. To cater to this segment, Spot Digital Marketing has introduced its DigitalDirect service. The purpose of this service is to take your ads to the mobile devices of your audience within a specific radius, zip code, city, state, or nation. As a brand, you may even go so far as worldwide. Location-based targeting of ads through geofencing will take you wherever your target audience is. 


Developed on real-world behavior trends as its base, Spot Digital’s technology leverages audience targeting and GPS data to create fences around a business or location. Once a consumer crosses through the fence with their mobile device, the ads get triggered. The hyper-local targeting features of Spot Digital ensure that your ad reaches most of the consumers’ devices, within your chosen region. 


The service of Spot Digital allows you to set a virtual perimeter of any size and target users wherever your product is being sold or your service is administered. It can directly drive the audience to your company website, a retailer that carries your products, or to your place of business.


As a top location-based targeting-geofencing marketing agency, Spot offers services to both businesses and consumers. Individual service providers can target key consumers based on their past purchasing data, both off- and online. The retargeting services can be personalized to track visits to specific places as well.


There are several plans for this service. You can get anywhere between 100,000 and 1,000,000 ad impressions by choosing any of these plans that come with dedicated account managers and detailed reporting on diverse campaign metrics.