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Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Spot Marketing has been in the digital marketing business for two decades now, intending to improve a brand’s bottom line through innovative solutions. Offering a spectrum of services and solutions, the specialist team of Spot Digital looks after the needs of its client businesses in web design, marketing, branding, and SEO. It caters to a wide variety of business types, including corporations, manufacturers, small businesses, and nonprofits. 

Apart from being a proven expert in creating compelling content and enhancing a brand’s overall market appearance, Spot also specializes in drawing targeted traffic to your business through its PPC advertising services. With its GeoFencing services, you can target potential consumers who are close to your shop. 

Spot Digital Marketing: A Leading Provider of Location

These days, GeoFencing services are one of the most sought-after strategies to capture the potential market at a granular level. Spot DigitalDirect is a trademarked service that leverages a hyper-local targeting strategy to push advertisements to mobile devices within a specific radius, zip code, city, state. If any brand wishes to expand its reach, it can extend its location to a national or global level as well. 

Spot DigitalDirect, a process for location-based advertising with Geofences, comes in the form of a wholesome plan that includes a dedicated account manager for your ads along with conceptualization, design, and copy-writing services. Apart from GeoFence placement and optimization details, you also get detailed reports on several other campaign metrics. You can choose any plan between Stage one and Stage four to get ad impressions anywhere between 100,000 and 1,000,000.

A Widespread Advertising Network

The process that Spot DigitalDirect follows is proprietary, and its widespread advertising network can reach most of your potential consumers’ devices within a chosen zone. Spot maintains a repository of accurate audience data that it leverages to direct audiences to your brand website, a retailer that carries your products, or to your physical place of business. With its operational brilliance, it can even drive consumers, or mobile device users, to a trade show that your business is hosting or attending. 

Spot Digital Marketing’s location-based advertising with GeoFences is accurate, effective, and efficient as it considers real-world behavior trends as its foundation. It ensures that you can penetrate your target audience base with the maximum depth possible in the most convenient way possible. 

Spot Marketing

Spot Marketing


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