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Our DigitalDirect service allows us to use a hyper local targeting strategy to push advertisements to mobile devices within a specific radius, zip code, city, state, nation, or even go so far as worldwide - wherever your target audience is. We have a proprietary process and advertising network that has a reach into most consumers’ devices. With access to the accurate audience data, our platform can target mobile device users and point them directly to your company website, a retailer that carries your products, your place of business, or the trade show you are attending and drive hundreds of thousands or even millions of ad impressions.

Our technology uses audience targeting and GPS data to create fences around a business or location to accomplish digital advertising goals. When a mobile device crosses through the fence, it triggers ads. We can track the number of impressions and clicks your ad receives, retarget those users and then provide granular demographic data on who interacting with your ads.

Spot DigitalDirect

This strategy enables you to set a virtual perimeter of any size and target users wherever your product is being sold or your service is administered.

Spot DigitalDirect Retargeting

We have strategy for both B2B and B2C. Brands, retailers, service providers and anyone looking to drive traffic toward their store have the ability to target key consumers based on past purchasing data, both off- and online. Retargeting can be customized to track visits to specific places, as well as categories of places.

Spot DigitalDirect Audiences

With DigitalDirect geofencing, your marketing is based on real-world behavior trends to ensure you are reaching your target consumer accurately and efficiently.

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What You Get:

Over 100,000 Ads

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What You Get:

Over 200,000 Ads

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What You Get:

Over 400,000 Ads

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What You Get:

Over 1,000,000 Ads

All plans include:

Dedicated Account Manager

Dashboard Access

GeoFence Placement & Optimization

Ad Concepts & Design

Professionally Written Ads

Campaign Metrics

Detailed Reporting

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