Website designing sounds easy – in fact, there are programs in places like GoDaddy that are pretty much do-it-yourself. But should you “do it yourself”? The answer is only if you don’t need to worry about ranking well in search engines.

Beyond just looking good, website designing today means a site has to work well and be well written. And not just great adjectives, but the keywords that are relevant to your business integrated into primary headlines on each page as well as into image descriptions. 

It means the website needs to be designed to load quickly and work well on all types of computers as well as mobile phones and tablets. In order to rank well, it also needs to have fresh, relevant content like blogs added on a regular basis. You cannot just set it and forget it. And when designing your website, you’ll also need to make sure that original articles are being written with your url in them and submitted to reputable online publications so your site can benefit from backlinks, another way that search engines evaluate which website to put at the top of the list when people are searching for a product or service you offer. All of these things need to happen on a regular basis for your website to make its way to the first page of search engine results, as the vast majority of people don’t even bother to scroll to the second page to look at those results.

Having a site rank well also means that if and when you do run Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, your cost will be lower because the same keywords that provide valuable information for potential customers will also be recognized when paying to have them appear on top for search results. In fact, if you do SEO and PPC together, your performance can increase by 25-30%, sometimes even more. 

Google wants more users to use the Google paid platform (Adwords), so it gives preference to the users who own and operate google Adwords account, especially when it comes to competitive keywords. 

An agency that specializes in website designing, and can optimize your website as it’s being built, is the best way to ensure your website will be well positioned going forward. Many times that same agency can assist with the other tasks necessary to have your website, and its relevant keyword search terms, continue to rise in the search engine ranking. They can also stay involved by checking for broken links and ensuring all plugins on your website are working. They can also help with tracking results and creating specialized landing pages for special promotions or events. All these aspects need to be working well together so your website works as hard as possible for you and generates maximum sales.