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SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study: Driving Organic Growth

The Company:

One of our retail clients based out of Washington.

The Situation:

This client came to us looking for a way to get their website in front of the right body of potential customers and bring in new business.

The Solution:

Based on what the client was looking for, we immediately began focusing our marketing efforts for this client on SEO. After engaging in intensive keyword research to find out what was most valuable to focus on for this client, we began implementing our SEO strategy. As part of their campaign, we created and submitted relevant SEO content that linked back to their site each month. Month by month, we also built up an impressive list of tier-one level backlinks, the highest quality level links to a site that can be provided.

The Results:

This client’s SEO campaign has really flourished in the few months Spot has been working on it. When the client came to us in May, their website was only organically ranking for 28 keywords. Now in November of the same year, this client is ranking for 108 keywords! This has resulted in a sum rank change of 1,440% over the last three months and 1,150% over the last month alone! We are consistently seeing this client moving up in rank for valuable keywords and ranking for completely new keywords as well.

SEO is just one of the services we specialize in here at Spot. Working with us on an SEO campaign means exceptional customer service, careful monitoring of your campaign, and skilled analysis of your results. If you’re already working on your company’s SEO, we are happy to run a free report for you and let you know how things are going. Give us a call at 503.477.4355 or shoot us an email at today to get started.

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