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Marketing for attorneys is especially difficult as the top traffic and best quality leads are usually generated from PPC and SEO, meaning the top of page one. That means you need to work with a team that is not only experienced with the services, but knows how to get you results.

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    How Many Calls Can Your Office Handle?

    We utilize a combination of established and aggressive marketing strategies to increase your online presence while hitting the target audience with strong content, not only focusing on promotion, but information as well. This increases not only your lead quality, but the number of leads per month including direct calls.

    Would these numbers work for you?

    Google Search Ad Campaign (PPC)
    Conversion rate +66%
    Avg CPC – $6.54
    CTR – 9.88%
    Calls – 150+/month
    Form Fills – 170+/month
    Time frame – 90 Days
    Google Search Ad Campaign (PPC)
    Conversion rate +34%
    Avg CPC – $5.21
    CTR – 18.65%
    Calls – 22+/month
    Form Fills – 32+/month
    Time frame – 120 Days
    Google Search Ad Campaign (PPC)
    Conversion rate +23%
    Avg CPC – $6.02
    CTR – 11.74%
    Calls – 45+/month
    Form Fills – 60+/month
    Time frame – 120 Days

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Keyword Google Page 1 – 104
    Organic Traffic – 350%
    Organic Leads – 7x
    Time frame – 180 days
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Keyword Google Page 1 – 64
    Organic Traffic – 265%
    Organic Leads – 4x
    Time frame – 180 days
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Keyword Google Page 1 – 73
    Organic Traffic – 225%
    Organic Leads – 4x
    Time frame – 180 days

    Improve Your Lead Quality Without Increasing Your Ad Spend

    Spot Color Marketing can show you how we effectively adjust lead generation strategies to help improve lead quality without increasing your monthly budget.

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    Attacking The Cost Of PPC

    Our team has years of experience in digital marketing, specifically for attorneys and law firms throughout the country. We understand the cost per lead can be staggering, especially through paid channels. By utilizing proven strategies in keyword selection and content distribution, we have successfully lowered the average cost per lead of our clients by over 20%.


    Winning Marketing Strategies in the Legal Industry That Work

    By establishing your business as the local or national online resource for information in your area of legal expertise, users will rely on you for current and official information. The more content you can provide, the more of a resource you will be for your clients.

    We create, update and manage the content strategy and utilize it in organic and paid methods. This increases your traffic and lowers your Cost Per Lead.

    We Provide Full-Service Marketing Solutions For Attorneys Including:

    • Pay Per Click
    • Email Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Web Design

    Our Results Speak For Themselves

    You Will See The Amazing Results

    Our dedicated expert team is working daily to maximize your return on investment by utilizing the best and most proven digital marketing and analytics platforms for content, links, web design, video marketing and more. You will see the work created and distributed for your campaign and know what we are doing to help your law firm grow, improve its marketing efforts and get to the next level.


    Learn How Can You Lower Your Cost Per Lead By 20% Or More