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Partners In Care

Partners in Care: Our Commitment to You

Type of Site:
Non-Profit that provides in-home and in-house hospice care and end of life support for family members.

The Situation:
Partners In Care came to Spot Marketing looking to increase Adwords traffic in order to maintain the Google Ads Grant they just received. They wanted to increase awareness of their organization and expand the area they serve. This organization knew they needed Spot’s expertise in order to gain the increased exposure and awareness they were looking for.

They wanted to increase measurable conversions and ad spend in order to maintain their ad grant. The goal was to increase the number of conversions (phone calls & online forms) decrease the Cost-per-Conversion to create a program that could scale effectively going forward. This had been a challenge for their in-house staff to effectively achieve and manage.

The Solution:
The Spot team of AdWords Certified analysts presented the option of a fully Managed PPC campaign to Partners In Care. With the client’s approval, Spot performed an entire account audit,
created new Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, expanded keywords, and wrote new keyword-rich ad copy to help improve Quality Scores. This newly refreshed Account was then optimized to grow overall awareness of the brand and its service offerings.

The Results:
The improvements in this new Adwords account were rapid, with Conversions increasing over 2000% and Total Clicks by over 300%! Additional improvements have continued steadily month-over-month, with additional gains to account CTR, Conversion Rate, and Total Conversions.

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