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Benefits of Location-Based Targeting and Geofencing

Savvy marketers know that adding geofencing to the digital strategy adds another layer of targeting that helps increase conversions. Location-based targeting, or geofencing, enables a business to draw a digital “fence” around a specific geographic area and serve up ads on digital devices when a potential customer meeting predetermined criteria enters that area.

An experienced geofencing marketing agency can help determine how tight or broad a fence should be. Location-based targeting options may include competitive businesses, a radius around your brick and mortar location to entice potential customers in the area, a desirable neighborhood filled with potential customers, or as broad as an entire city or state.

Adding this level of targeting helps a business add another desired dimension to their targeting and makes marketing spending more effective – which should always be the goal. Geofencing, or geotargeting, helps a business create more relevant, targeted promotions that result in more engagement. 

Still not sure about location-based targeting? In the US, 81% of people have a smartphone, with an even high percentage for younger consumers. Ads can be delivered via notifications, in-app ads, or search or display ads. 

MarTech Series found that 83% of marketers find their campaigns are more successful when they integrate location data into their digital marketing strategy. It makes sense – if you know where potential customers hang out, it’s easy to show them the relevant promotions at the right time. It’s also good to note that location and demographics can also be combined with days/times so you can really maximize the effectiveness of your ads. Who are they? Where are they? And when are they there? Using that as a guide means your ads are automatically moe effective.

Location-based advertising targeting your most likely customers with the help of an experienced geofencing marketing agency like Spot will ensure your investment returns great sales and profits.

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