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If you’re looking to increase your local SEO, a marketing agency with relevant SEO experience is crucial. It’s hard enough to find time to handle the day-to-day operations for your business, much less plan ahead for future growth. But SEO is crucial for long term business development success, especially with the ever-increasing reliance on maintaining a strong online presence.

A marketing agency that can gain you traction with local SEO is invaluable. They will help in several ways including:

On-page optimization – this is making sure all the primary headlines for the pages that directly connect to your navigation have keywords in them that directly relate to the goods and/or services you offer. That is, contain the phrases that people would use to search for you. That way, the search engines understand that your site is relevant, and will start to offer it up as an option.

Fresh content – if you’re not continuing to add to your website with new pages, then blogs are the easiest way to demonstrate that your website is staying relevant with new information for visitors. This is also a big part of how your website is judged and ranked. This should include original material, not linked articles, and be about 300 – 400 words with a good keyword density. That is, the primary words and phrases people use to search repeated several times within the article without it sounding stilted. It can be harder than it sounds!

Backlinks – these are articles that are similar to blogs, but are written with the express purpose of submitting them to other trusted websites and platforms with the intention of having them published and then link back to your website. This adds to the trust and credibility score for your website. This can also be gained by submitting your information to all the online directories (80+). A good SEO marketing agency will have tools that enable this to be done to give your local SEO a strong boost.

Functionality – you can be doing everything else right, but if your website takes too long to load, has broken links or expired plug-ins, or doesn’t translate correctly on mobile devices, your page ranking will never be what it could be. A good SEO marketing agency can look at this aspect and recommend changes.

If there’s not someone on your staff who is overseeing all of these aspects and ensuring they’re kept up-to-date, your website won’t work as hard for you as it could, and your page ranking will never be what it could be – meaning potential customers won’t find you because people rarely continue to the second page of search results to find answers. Find a good SEO marketing agency who will focus on your local SEO and you’ll start to see the results you desire and deserve.

Spot Marketing

Spot Marketing


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