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Knowing When to Use a Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re trying to handle your digital marketing in-house you may be experiencing some pain points. Here’s when to know it’s time to use a digital marketing agency:

  • The person that’s in charge of it is burdened with so many other marketing-related tasks he or she doesn’t really have time to monitor analytics. In digital marketing, you can’t just set it and forget it. Banner ads have a lifespan and at some point, have a diminishing return. Someone needs to be focused on your digital marketing and checking to see which ads are working – not just generating clicks but leading to conversions. A digital marketing agency like Spot Color Marketing will have someone focused on your account.
  • If analytic data is collected, relevant changes are not made in response to it. Simply collecting the data and putting it into a report isn’t enough. You need someone working to keep the ad messaging fresh and relevant when the numbers say it’s time to update it. An agency can also help test various approaches to compare results and help your ads be optimized for sales.
  • Ongoing support of SEO efforts is lagging. Better Search Engine Optimization will lead to lower digital marketing costs. An agency can provide support in this crucial related area and not just lower your PPC individual ad costs, but perhaps help you lower your overall PPC budget as your organic search results improve through directory listings, fresh regular relevant website content, website optimization and more.
  1. New opportunities in digital marketing are not being explored. Is your marketing person keeping up on new opportunities? If you’re a retail location, have they explored geofencing and/or polygoning? New and more targeted ways to reach potential customers are constantly being developed and if you’re not aware of them, you could be missing out.
  • Competitive analyses are not being done on a regular basis. You may see what your competitors are doing in traditional media, but you may not be aware of all their online activities. Regular analysis of your competitors is crucial to understanding what keywords are working for them, if/how their strategies are changing, and how you can best compete and beat them.
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