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AI is here, and at Spot, we’re excited. We view programs like ChatGPT like a new creative teammate, albeit one that doesn’t need coffee breaks and doesn’t get their feelings hurt if you don’t use their ideas.

Here are all the ways we’re incorporating AI to increase our productivity on behalf of our clients.

SEO – Because AI is now being incorporated into search results, it’s not enough to just optimize for keywords. Now more than ever, we’re focused on user intent so AI can match potential customer queries with accurate and relevant answers from our clients.

PPC – We’re incorporating AI learning into our campaigns to optimize bidding strategies and ad placements in order to maximize ROI for our clients. We can also more accurately predict click-through rates and conversion potential with AI that allows us to create and manage more targeted and cost-effective campaigns.

Content Creation/Social Media – AI is helping us increase the volume of social media posts and related content including video, blogs and more. With well thought out prompts, and careful editing and curation, volume and relevancy increase with no additional time (and money) being spent by our clients.

Website We’re looking to AI tools that can help personalize content on website home pages based on visitor profiles as well as optimize site navigation and even predict and fix potential issues before they affect the user. This means our websites will be more intuitive and user-friendly, helping with satisfaction, time spent, bounce rates and ultimately SEO rankings. 

Of course, AI will never replace our marketing strategist, content writer/editor, graphic designer, website developer or SEO/PPC team, but it’s certainly a strong addition to the team as we look to continuously add value and enhance results for our clients. And as new AI tools come onto the market we’re evaluating them and incorporating it when and where it makes sense.

In the coming months, we’ll share what’s working and the positive effects it’s having for our clients.