There are always signs when it’s time to move onto a new digital marketing agency. Here are a few of them summarized so you can look them over and see if your agency is guilty of any of these and it’s time to start looking.


They don’t bring you new ideas anymore.

Has your digital marketing agency stopped being excited about your account? Have they stopped bringing you new ways of reaching people? 


They don’t keep up with the latest digital innovations.

Did you read about a new online advertising option or that Google has changed the algorithm for search engine optimization and you know before your agency? It’s their job to stay current on everything and consider the ones that will benefit your business. If the development is outside the scope of their projects, they can still make you aware of it in case it’s something you can take advantage of.


They don’t respond as quickly.

 Does it feel like the excitement has worn off? Do it seem as though your current digital marketing agency is taking you for granted? If they used to quickly complete assignments and answer emails right away, and now it takes one or more days, then they may be getting too busy to prioritize you, or they have gotten complacent in the relationship. Neither is good for you and your business. 


Their marketing efforts aren’t generating results like before and they don’t have reasonable explanations as to why.

If the results aren’t what they used to be and it can’t be attributed to something changing like a lot of new competition or the cost of keywords you’re bidding on then it might be that the digital marketing agency you have simply isn’t paying attention anymore and not continuing to try new longtail keywords or updating bids or checking with you on conversions. There are always new opportunities that should be explored to increase sales.


They haven’t asked about any of your goals or expansion plans.

Are you interested in positioning your business to sell? Want to eventually franchise? What about expanding to other states? If your digital marketing agency isn’t asking these questions and doesn’t want to know these things about your business, it’s time for a change. Each change in your long-term plans should result in a re-evaluation of your current digital marketing efforts.


If you are experiencing one or more of these with your current digital marketing agency, it’s time to explore other options.