How do you know your company needs a digital advertising agency? Here are some clues it’s time to find a great digital advertising agency.


Your current agency isn’t well schooled in all the most up-to-date digital options.

Have they talked about polygoning? Geofencing? If you haven’t heard these terms before then it may be time to find a digital advertising agency that can bring all the digital tools to bear on your behalf. Without them, you’re missing out on potential customers and unrealized revenue and profits.


The person handling your digital marketing doesn’t have time to pay attention to it.

If you’re handling it in-house and that person is busy with other things, they may not be making digital marketing a priority. Digital marketing is not “set it and forget it”. Every aspect gets tired and starts to offer diminishing returns, even if you’re still paying a premium price. Content needs to be freshened regularly in order to maximize your return. Analytics have to be examined so your website, messages and content can be continuously updated, based on what’s working. The numbers tell the story – but only if someone has the time to read it and act accordingly.


You need a fresh set of eyes on what’s being done.

Even if the person acting as an in-house digital marketing agency has the time and knowledge, when was the last time there was an objective evaluation of what’s being done and its effectiveness? An outside point-of-view, coupled with an up-to-date competitive analysis, can be a very valuable tool to determine what, if anything, needs to change in order to maximize effectiveness and sales.


Customers are the lifeblood of your business, and if you’re not maximizing the spending from each one, and bringing in new customers to make up for attrition, sales will begin to drop and take your profit margin along with them.


The right digital marketing agency will be able to demonstrate their value and you will be able to measure it not just with impressions and posts, but with sales and revenue.