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Grow Customers with a Google Shopping Feed

Google Shopping Feed

If you are opening a small business with a physical location, obviously you want to get the word out through advertising and marketing to draw customers into your store. The same concept holds true for an online store, although the execution of that strategy is very different.

If you are selling goods of any type online, then a Google shopping feed should be part of your marketing plan.

What is a shopping feed? In summary, it is a file that is generated from your website, providing details on products you have for sale. These details include product descriptions, photos and pricing—as well as any special promotions or coupon codes.

By utilizing this type of product feed, your business can reach a broader audience of potential consumers, with some of your products appearing on comparison shopping sites and search engines such as Google. Using a Google shopping feed generates direct traffic, and more sales, to your online business. It also gives your business a wider online footprint, presenting it and its goods to a larger potential audience of customers.

You can purchase a shopping feed, or the code to install one, from a variety of third-party companies. However, the best way to create a Google shopping feed is through XML. Many ecommerce sites already use XML coding. Most Google shopping feeds already are constructed to support data in text spreadsheets or XML. When installing and managing your Google shopping feed, it is also important to construct a feed by paying particular attention to keywords. Also, you will want to manage and regularly update the feed to ensure you always are reaching your target audience.

At Spot Color Marketing, we have the skills and knowledge to both install and manage your Google shopping feed for you, freeing you up for all the other tasks that come up for a successful entrepreneur. We also know how to reach any target audience through keywords and search engine optimization; after all, we’ve been doing it since 2001!

If you operate an ecommerce business and want us to manage or install a Google shopping feed on your site, contact us by calling (503) 477-4355 or email us at We also can give you an entirely new site that will be sleek, simple, and establish a professional and impressive online presence.

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