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Duerksen Rentals Case Study – Spot Digital Marketing

The Company

Our client Duerksen Rentals is a real estate property management company based in Corvallis, Oregon.

The Situation

Duerksen Rentals came to us with an immediate need for a marketing solution. They were seeing the highest vacancy rate ever for their properties due to the downturn in the Oregon rental market and needed to address the problem quickly.

The Solution

After assessing the situation and the client’s need, we came up with a PPC strategy for Duerksen Rentals. We created, managed, and continually re-optimized a campaign that addressed the situation at hand.

The Results

Through managing Duerksen Rentals PPC campaigns and our display ad strategy over the last three months, we were able to directly decrease their vacancy rate to the lowest they’ve had in the last several years! In January, their Google Ads campaign received nearly 25,000 impressions and received 681 clicks. We’re thrilled with the results our client is seeing from our digital marketing efforts!
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