Spot Helps Catapult Mel Mason, The Clutter Expert, to New Heights

Mel wanted to take her business to the next level and Spot stepped in to help. This included:

  • New logo
  • Multiple landing pages with payment integration
  • Marketing video
  • Custom backgrounds for her many live presentations
  • Custom graphics featuring Mel and her bestselling books
  • Custom graphics to help launch her new on-air series – “Dare to Thrive”

As a consequence, Mel’s business is thriving and many additional opportunities are presenting themselves because of her new professional branding.

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SEO Success Leads to Dramatic Cut in PPC Ad Spending

Blue Door Vet needed a new website to capture their distinctive differences and be a strong tool for SEO, along with ongoing SEO efforts and Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Spot came through!

  • Completely new WordPress website with compelling images and copy
  • Fully optimized through on-page, H1 headlines, photo tags and functionality on all devices including mobile
  • Ongoing SEO efforts led to multiple keywords on Page 1 of search (74 keywords on page 1 of Google).
  • Overall 298 keywords rank on Google page 1 and 2 combined
  • Website traffic jumped 264% after just a few months
  • Blue Door Vet was able to cut PPC spending to a minimum because client demand increased so dramatically, and SEO had them ranking strong in all their categories.
  • Top GEO (Portland, OR) placement on Google My Business on both Maps and search listings.
  • Website load speed on mobile decreased by 89% and desktop is under 1.54 sec.

Overall, the PPC and SEO programs were so successful that the client is not in a position to take any new clients and is in maintenance mode only. After six years, Spot continues to work with this client as they consider franchise opportunities.

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Southern California Attorney Case Study



The Company:

Our client is a California-based DUI attorney providing high-quality DUI legal defense services to clients statewide.

The Situation:

Our objectives for this client’s project were to:

  • Target Torrance, California
  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Increase inquiries and leads
  • Increase sales for legal services

The Solution:

Spot Marketing designed a banner ad that reflects strength and legal expertise. Using our DigitalDirect solution we set up geo-fences around key areas in Torrance, California that are likely to receive higher traffic volume based on bail bonding density, crime rate and age. The client started at a 10,000 impression per month rate. We set-up retargeting to ensure that his ads were shown repeatedly to the target audience.

During the first phase of the campaign and 3rd month (January 19) the client was getting a .25% click through rate, which is successful, but we knew we could do better. We increased the impression rate up to above 20,000 impressions because the reach was not broad enough for the area.

The Results:

The Spot Digital Marketing team was able to deliver their client a campaign that immediately began performing. This project highlighted the extreme effectiveness of scaling up impression rates within a highly specific target demographic. During the month of February we increased impressions by 13,741 for a total of 23,741 and saw a 1.5% click through rate. This is over a 200% within 30 days and the client is happy with the results.   


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Wallrest Case Study

The Company:

Wallrest is an Oregon-based retailer that creates performance ponchos ideal for any conditions.

The Situation:

Wallrest came to Spot in August of 2018 ready to work on their marketing plan. They didn’t have a social media presence and were looking for ways to increase brand awareness and reach to their target consumers.

The Solution:

After analyzing the situation thoroughly, Spot found that Wallrest would benefit most from a marketing plan that combined PPC, SEO, and social media strategy.

The Results:

Within 5 months Spot increased Wallrest’s Facebook and Instagram follows by 700%. Our content and posting strategy has helped to create an engaged body of online followers, as well as managing their Facebook advertising campaigns. Wallrest now has over 1,000 page likes and consistently sees high engagement rates on individual posts. Their performance is increasing daily and we are excited to continue working with this client’s campaigns!

If you could use help with your company’s PPC, SEO, or social media campaign management, reach out to Spot today. We’ll create and implement a custom strategy that sets your business up for success!

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Blue Door Vet Case Study

The Company:

Blue Door Vet is the first full-service mobile veterinary hospital to serve the greater Portland community. Led by veterinarian and founder Dr. Meridith Dawson, Blue Door Vet provides exceptional and convenient care to pets in need.

The Situation:

Blue Door Vet came to us over a year ago looking for help in creating a customized marketing plan that would drive traffic to their website.

The Solution:

After evaluating Blue Door Vet’s current situation, we formulated a marketing strategy that focused on improving their search engine optimization (SEO) and implementing a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

The Results:

In November of 2017, Blue Door Vet was ranking for 27 organic keywords. Exactly one year later, our SEO services have doubled Blue Door Vet’s number of organic keywords. After monitoring and re-optimizing their campaign, creating tier-one backlinks to their website, and writing engaging SEO content, they now rank for 54 keywords! Our focus on quality over quantity has aided in the success of this campaign. We are seeing continual improvement and upward movement for valuable, relevant keywords such as “mobile veterinary,” “vet home visit,” and “mobile pet vet.” We were also able to get Blue Door Vet ranking in the number one spot on page one for keywords “portland mobile vet” and “mobile vet portland!”

Blue Door Vet’s PPC campaign has really taken off as well! Our PPC strategy focuses on keywords with a strong cost-per-conversion and includes the creation of new dynamic search campaigns which change the title of the ad depending on the user and honing in on the key demographic we’re trying to reach. Last month, we saw a click-through rate of 3.58% overall with 283 clicks into your site, 13 conversion actions, and 47 phone calls for a total of 60 conversions. These metrics are an increase of over 50% from just the month prior alone!

If you need help with your SEO or your PPC advertising, let us know. We’ll work to get these types of results for you too! Call us today at 503.477.4355 to get started!

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SEO Case Study

The Company:

One of our retail clients based out of Washington.


The Situation:

This client came to us looking for a way to get their website in front of the right body of potential customers and bring in new business.


The Solution:

Based on what the client was looking for, we immediately began focusing our marketing efforts for this client on SEO. After engaging in intensive keyword research to find out what was most valuable to focus on for this client, we began implementing our SEO strategy. As part of their campaign, we created and submitted relevant SEO content that linked back to their site each month. Month by month, we also built up an impressive list of tier-one level backlinks, the highest quality level links to a site that can be provided.


The Results:

This client’s SEO campaign has really flourished in the few months Spot has been working on it. When the client came to us in May, their website was only organically ranking for 28 keywords. Now in November of the same year, this client is ranking for 108 keywords! This has resulted in a sum rank change of 1,440% over the last three months and 1,150% over the last month alone! We are consistently seeing this client moving up in rank for valuable keywords and ranking for completely new keywords as well.


SEO is just one of the services we specialize in here at Spot. Working with us on an SEO campaign means exceptional customer service, careful monitoring of your campaign, and skilled analysis of your results. If you’re already working on your company’s SEO, we are happy to run a free report for you and let you know how things are going. Give us a call at 503.477.4355 or shoot us an email at today to get started.

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The Company:

Olala is a Washington-based beverage company.

The Situation:

Olala came to Spot Digital Marketing with a desire to increase brand awareness and product sales. The company needed an increase in their click-through rate and response rate on call-to-action advertisements. Olala also required a solution that made managing campaigns and tracking results both easy and intuitive.

The Solution:

Spot introduced Olala to a geofencing strategy to be implemented over the agency’s private advertising network (PAN). This network is capable of targeting key demographics based on location, age, and gender identity. The data provided by the PAN reveals the number of people who saw an ad in the system, clicked on the ad, and visited the company after engaging with the advertisement.

Spot applied this strategy and geofenced ten of the stores that sell Olala’s product, running ten targeted campaigns over the course of 60 days. The campaigns’ advertisements appeared on platforms such as entertainment apps, social media/networking apps, and lifestyle apps.

The Results:

Through Spot’s geofencing strategy, Olala saw rapid and noticeable improvements. In the ten stores selling Olala products that were fenced, Olala saw an overall 20% increase in product sales! On the advertisements themselves, Olala received an above average click-through rate on nine of the ten performed campaigns. While the average click-through rate of similar campaigns is .25%, Olala’s advertisements earned as much as .16% higher than average click-through-rate. The campaigns resulted in 254,343 impressions on 242,484 unique users with a total of 779 ad clicks, which greatly improved Olala’s sales.

Due to the strong success of Olala’s geofencing campaign, the company is continuing on with Spot’s services. The agency is fencing another ten stores that carry Olala’s brands and expect to see similarly positive gains for the company at the next time of reporting.

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Eagle Eye Outfitters

Type of Site:
Ecommerce site focused on selling name brand outdoor clothing, gear and accessories.

The Situation:
Eagle Eye Outfitters sells outdoor clothing, gear and accessories for men, women and children through their retail location in Dothan, AL and recently upgraded by introducing a new website and
ecommerce platform through Magento.

SEO- Their overall web content and web portfolio was missing key SEO applications both on site and off site. Their on-page SEO for over 6,000 pages was missing meta-title, image and description data for both the page and the media assets in it. The initial audit produced 4,668 errors that related to on-page SEO and showed a low # of overall online content such as backlinks and other external resources.

PPC- They needed a strategy and the application of, for a successful PPC campaign that paid off in the short term as well as continued long-term growth and ROI’s.

The Solution:
SEO- Spot Marketing introduced an organic SEO strategy that started with building quality backlinks in bulk and applying on page SEO techniques that focused on industry compliant formatting. Backlinks build your site’s reputation with search engines. Keyword research and list building are done first and those lists include hundreds of keywords and phrases identified as the most valuable, based on brand and revenue. These were included in the organic campaign which consisted of press releases, blog sites, social media, social bookmarks and articles.

PPC- Spot Marketing used a strategy of dynamic ad campaigns targeted to their individual categories following the structure of the website and highlighting over performers as the campaign progressed past 7 days. Dynamic ads are smart ads which allow individual inventory items to be shown in ads when a user’s search criteria matches the PPC campaigns content. Continual optimization every week on shopping campaigns is critical to its success.

The Results:
In 2 months of introducing and optimizing the Paid Search and SEO strategy, the Spot team has achieved amazing results from June 2017 to July 2017

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Partners In Care

Type of Site:
Non-Profit that provides in-home and in-house hospice care and end of life support for family members.

The Situation:
Partners In Care came to Spot Marketing looking to increase Adwords traffic in order to maintain the Google Ads Grant they just received. They wanted to increase awareness of their organization and expand the area they serve. This organization knew they needed Spot’s expertise in order to gain the increased exposure and awareness they were looking for.

They wanted to increase measurable conversions and ad spend in order to maintain their ad grant. The goal was to increase the number of conversions (phone calls & online forms) decrease the Cost-per-Conversion to create a program that could scale effectively going forward. This had been a challenge for their in-house staff to effectively achieve and manage.

The Solution:
The Spot team of AdWords Certified analysts presented the option of a fully Managed PPC campaign to Partners In Care. With the client’s approval, Spot performed an entire account audit,
created new Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, expanded keywords, and wrote new keyword-rich ad copy to help improve Quality Scores. This newly refreshed Account was then optimized to grow overall awareness of the brand and its service offerings.

The Results:
The improvements in this new Adwords account were rapid, with Conversions increasing over 2000% and Total Clicks by over 300%! Additional improvements have continued steadily month-over-month, with additional gains to account CTR, Conversion Rate, and Total Conversions.

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Oregon MESA

Oregon MESA is a non-profit organization that supports a pre-college academic program in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math.) They came to Spot Color Marketing for public relations support.

148,443,270 Total Media Impressions | Coverage in the Oregonian, Portland Business Journal, Oregon Live and KATU TV News.


Oregon MESA is a chapter of MESA USA, a non-profit organization that supports a pre-college academic program in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) for students all over Oregon and the U.S. MESA implements chapters in middle and high school by training teachers to run after-school programs to increase students’ interest and involvement in STEM subjects.

MESA seeks to break the cycle of poverty and fill the STEM pipeline with underserved youth students.


Oregon MESA came to Spot Color for help with boosting positive awareness of the fantastic work that they do. They were looking for particular support with making the public aware of their two signature events – National MESA Day and the MESA National Engineering and Design Competition. Their goal was to encourage influential figures in government and academia to attend these events, connect their work with the National MESA organization, and to participate in current conversations about STEM education.

Most importantly they wanted to share the story of educational empowerment, earn thought leadership and place themselves in a better position with future donors and policy-makers.


Messages about the amazing work that MESA does with the youth of Oregon were getting lost in a community saturated with non-profits. They needed to find a way for their message to stand out above the fray and appeal to potential partners, supporters and community activists.


Spot Color developed and implemented a multi-layered public relations and marketing strategy to accomplish Oregon MESA’s objectives.

Spot Color connected with resources at local media organizations and facilitated the publication of a number of photo essays that gave a fantastic visual picture of Oregon MESA’s work. We composed press releases that communicated Oregon MESA’s mission, key partner and event stories. We ensured that this press release was distributed to key regional editors and journalist research databases.

We helped Oregon MESA develop thought leadership by working with them to create a video to use in future fundraising that leveraged and highlighted their partnerships.


Together, Spot Color and Oregon MESA generated an enormous amount of interest in and support for their events. We secured 148,443,270 total media impressions, made the community more aware of their work and we were ecstatic to contribute to the successful implementation of their mission.

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