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Blue Door Vet Case Study

The Company:

Blue Door Vet is the first full-service mobile veterinary hospital to serve the greater Portland community. Led by veterinarian and founder Dr. Meridith Dawson, Blue Door Vet provides exceptional and convenient care to pets in need.

The Situation:

Blue Door Vet came to us over a year ago looking for help in creating a customized marketing plan that would drive traffic to their website.

The Solution:

After evaluating Blue Door Vet’s current situation, we formulated a marketing strategy that focused on improving their search engine optimization (SEO) and implementing a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

The Results:

In November of 2017, Blue Door Vet was ranking for 27 organic keywords. Exactly one year later, our SEO services have doubled Blue Door Vet’s number of organic keywords. After monitoring and re-optimizing their campaign, creating tier-one backlinks to their website, and writing engaging SEO content, they now rank for 54 keywords! Our focus on quality over quantity has aided in the success of this campaign. We are seeing continual improvement and upward movement for valuable, relevant keywords such as “mobile veterinary,” “vet home visit,” and “mobile pet vet.” We were also able to get Blue Door Vet ranking in the number one spot on page one for keywords “portland mobile vet” and “mobile vet portland!”

Blue Door Vet’s PPC campaign has really taken off as well! Our PPC strategy focuses on keywords with a strong cost-per-conversion and includes the creation of new dynamic search campaigns which change the title of the ad depending on the user and honing in on the key demographic we’re trying to reach. Last month, we saw a click-through rate of 3.58% overall with 283 clicks into your site, 13 conversion actions, and 47 phone calls for a total of 60 conversions. These metrics are an increase of over 50% from just the month prior alone!

If you need help with your SEO or your PPC advertising, let us know. We’ll work to get these types of results for you too! Call us today at 503.477.4355 to get started!

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