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Unfortunately, yours may be one of the businesses that is slower right now, even if you’ve been allowed to reopen. What can you be doing right now to ensure that your business survives, and thrives, in the coming months? Make any needed physical property updates – new coat of paint,

For most companies, building your brand’s identity is paramount. Businesses with a recognizable and memorable brand enjoy a “leg-up” on the competition because they don’t have to keep reminding clients or customers that they are there. Your brand’s identity are the visual elements (color, design, logo, etc.) that people can

Geofencing: Stats and Benefits for Marketing In our technologically driven world, people are using smartphones phones more than ever. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center study, a vast majority of Americans – 96% of the population – own a smartphone. Tapping into this ubiquitous technology can be a

Effective, targeted marketing is key to growing your business. When you are in the property management business, it is often difficult to find the time to focus on new marketing initiatives. Unfortunately, that can mean losing out on meaningful connections and opportunities that can help your business grow. If you

Raising the Bar on Transparency, Choice, and Control Advertising has made possible open access to quality information and communication on the web—it’s changed the way people learn, play and earn, and it’s made the internet open for everyone. But the ad-supported internet is at risk if digital advertising practices don’t

LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important tool to build your company’s brand. Remember that Spot Digital Marketing’s social media management services are always here to help – just call us at 503.477.4355 to learn how we can help your brand’s online presence take off. We’re currently working with a number