6 Common Social Media Questions & Answers

Social media can be frustrating for many businesses that don’t have the resources to promote their brand on social media. With the algorithms changing all the time, it can be difficult to manipulate your strategy to ensure traffic stays steady. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common social media questions to help you navigate the muddy waters.

  1. How Do I Get More Followers?

Answer: By giving people a reason to follow you.

Here’s why: This is the million-dollar question everyone asks.

This answer is simple, but the execution can be a bit tricky. People are drawn to resources they identify with; content that brings value into their lives. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a news update, or beautiful photos of loft apartments, people are looking for content and images that positively contribute to their lives, not your bottom dollar.

A great place to start is to create content that you are drawn to; chances are your audience is interested in the same information. Invest in quality copy and images.

Another popular tactic is to share promotions and exclusive contests for social media followers, everyone loves a good freebie!

Lastly, spend time demonstrating loyal engagement. No one likes to be treated like a number, and that includes social media followers. In order to be successful, you need to care about your social media community by liking, posting, following and creating loyal relationships in digital environments.

  1. What Type of Content Should I Share?

Answer: Content that resonates with your audience.

Here’s why: Your ideal customer is one that is currently interested in your services, brand philosophy, and/or company culture. The rules of effective communication are three fold: ask your customer what they want, give them what they asked, tell them that you gave it to them.

You should avoid posting frequent promotional messages. Humanize your brand by being an authority and offering informational posts, like links to good articles or to your own blog content. Be diverse in your brand content, this will allow you to reach more people and ultimately a more interesting social media feed.

If you are feeling a little uninspired, do a little research to understand your social media market atmosphere and draw inspiration from influencers.

  1. How Often Should I Post?

Answer: It depends.

Here’s why: Posting frequently will increase the ranking of your post, allowing more people to see your content. It is important to remember the time old adage, quality over quantity. So if your post isn’t perfect yet, don’t publish it. Wait until the content and imagery are on point.

Frequency for posting social media content varies from network to network. However, in order to stay relevant, you should consider at least a weekly post to your primary social media platforms. By doing a little research on top influencers in your industry, you can base your social media calendar on those successful accounts. You can perform a few A/B testing experiments and analyze your results at the end of the month to see which times and days got the most traffic.

  1. When Should I Post?

Answer: It depends.

Here’s why: The best time to post is based on a much larger picture of behavioral consumption of social media. Unfortunately, people (across the globe) do not use social media at consistent intervals when examined over long periods of time. The current activity on social media is constantly changing and will impact when peak engagement hours occur.

That being said, you can find good times to post your content when you research the social media networks you are posting to and when your primary demographic is most active with popular statistic reports that are published quarterly.

  1. Do I Have To Post On Every Social Network?

Answer: No.

Here’s why: Don’t waste resources by posting the same content or different content to every popular social media platform. Find your audience where they spend the most time and engage with them on the social media networks they like best. Then, create social media strategies around those networks.

  1. I’m in a “Boring” Industry, Do I Still Need Social Media?

Answer: Yes.

Here’s why: Social media is a great way to create brand awareness. It’s a free resource and tool that can help you move conversations into conversions. You don’t have to post pictures of boring office meetings or strange machinery, you can create a social media presence that people enjoy following because your posts are: visually pleasing, humorous, informational, inspirational, or tug at our heartstrings.

You can continue to establish authority in your industry with a strong social media presence. Be sure to continue your research!

If social media is an important part of your business (it definitely should be) then you need the right tools to work more efficiently and effectively.

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Eagle Eye Outfitters

Type of Site:
Ecommerce site focused on selling name brand outdoor clothing, gear and accessories.

The Situation:
Eagle Eye Outfitters sells outdoor clothing, gear and accessories for men, women and children through their retail location in Dothan, AL and recently upgraded by introducing a new website and
ecommerce platform through Magento.

SEO- Their overall web content and web portfolio was missing key SEO applications both on site and off site. Their on-page SEO for over 6,000 pages was missing meta-title, image and description data for both the page and the media assets in it. The initial audit produced 4,668 errors that related to on-page SEO and showed a low # of overall online content such as backlinks and other external resources.

PPC- They needed a strategy and the application of, for a successful PPC campaign that paid off in the short term as well as continued long-term growth and ROI’s.

The Solution:
SEO- Spot Marketing introduced an organic SEO strategy that started with building quality backlinks in bulk and applying on page SEO techniques that focused on industry compliant formatting. Backlinks build your site’s reputation with search engines. Keyword research and list building are done first and those lists include hundreds of keywords and phrases identified as the most valuable, based on brand and revenue. These were included in the organic campaign which consisted of press releases, blog sites, social media, social bookmarks and articles.

PPC- Spot Marketing used a strategy of dynamic ad campaigns targeted to their individual categories following the structure of the website and highlighting over performers as the campaign progressed past 7 days. Dynamic ads are smart ads which allow individual inventory items to be shown in ads when a user’s search criteria matches the PPC campaigns content. Continual optimization every week on shopping campaigns is critical to its success.

The Results:
In 2 months of introducing and optimizing the Paid Search and SEO strategy, the Spot team has achieved amazing results from June 2017 to July 2017

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Partners In Care

Type of Site:
Non-Profit that provides in-home and in-house hospice care and end of life support for family members.

The Situation:
Partners In Care came to Spot Marketing looking to increase Adwords traffic in order to maintain the Google Ads Grant they just received. They wanted to increase awareness of their organization and expand the area they serve. This organization knew they needed Spot’s expertise in order to gain the increased exposure and awareness they were looking for.

They wanted to increase measurable conversions and ad spend in order to maintain their ad grant. The goal was to increase the number of conversions (phone calls & online forms) decrease the Cost-per-Conversion to create a program that could scale effectively going forward. This had been a challenge for their in-house staff to effectively achieve and manage.

The Solution:
The Spot team of AdWords Certified analysts presented the option of a fully Managed PPC campaign to Partners In Care. With the client’s approval, Spot performed an entire account audit,
created new Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, expanded keywords, and wrote new keyword-rich ad copy to help improve Quality Scores. This newly refreshed Account was then optimized to grow overall awareness of the brand and its service offerings.

The Results:
The improvements in this new Adwords account were rapid, with Conversions increasing over 2000% and Total Clicks by over 300%! Additional improvements have continued steadily month-over-month, with additional gains to account CTR, Conversion Rate, and Total Conversions.

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Oregon MESA

Oregon MESA is a non-profit organization that supports a pre-college academic program in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math.) They came to Spot Color Marketing for public relations support.

148,443,270 Total Media Impressions | Coverage in the Oregonian, Portland Business Journal, Oregon Live and KATU TV News.


Oregon MESA is a chapter of MESA USA, a non-profit organization that supports a pre-college academic program in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) for students all over Oregon and the U.S. MESA implements chapters in middle and high school by training teachers to run after-school programs to increase students’ interest and involvement in STEM subjects.

MESA seeks to break the cycle of poverty and fill the STEM pipeline with underserved youth students.


Oregon MESA came to Spot Color for help with boosting positive awareness of the fantastic work that they do. They were looking for particular support with making the public aware of their two signature events – National MESA Day and the MESA National Engineering and Design Competition. Their goal was to encourage influential figures in government and academia to attend these events, connect their work with the National MESA organization, and to participate in current conversations about STEM education.

Most importantly they wanted to share the story of educational empowerment, earn thought leadership and place themselves in a better position with future donors and policy-makers.


Messages about the amazing work that MESA does with the youth of Oregon were getting lost in a community saturated with non-profits. They needed to find a way for their message to stand out above the fray and appeal to potential partners, supporters and community activists.


Spot Color developed and implemented a multi-layered public relations and marketing strategy to accomplish Oregon MESA’s objectives.

Spot Color connected with resources at local media organizations and facilitated the publication of a number of photo essays that gave a fantastic visual picture of Oregon MESA’s work. We composed press releases that communicated Oregon MESA’s mission, key partner and event stories. We ensured that this press release was distributed to key regional editors and journalist research databases.

We helped Oregon MESA develop thought leadership by working with them to create a video to use in future fundraising that leveraged and highlighted their partnerships.


Together, Spot Color and Oregon MESA generated an enormous amount of interest in and support for their events. We secured 148,443,270 total media impressions, made the community more aware of their work and we were ecstatic to contribute to the successful implementation of their mission.

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Oregon Food Bank

Oregon Food Bank came to Spot Color Marketing for help with launching their first social media campaign in support of their biggest annual fundraiser, the Waterfront Blues Festival.

124,000 Impressions | 500% Increase in Re-Tweets | 600% Increase in Link Clicks


Oregon Food Bank provides emergency food to people who are hungry through a cooperative statewide network of hunger-relief agencies, helping 1 in 5 households fend off hunger. Their biggest fundraiser, the Waterfront Blues Festival, is held at the Portland Waterfront Park over the 4th of July weekend every year.


Oregon Food Bank wanted to take advantage of social media channels to promote and boost enthusiasm for the Waterfront Blues Festival. Increasing social media engagement leading up to and throughout the festival would better position OFB with potential donors through the rest of the year.


The Oregon Food Bank team had never implemented an intense, aggressive social media strategy before. They were excited about the opportunities this new form of communication would present and they were eager to learn how to make it work for their event. Additionally, they realized that members of their typical demographic were not social media power users. Inspiring this group to engage, while building an audience with a more social media savvy audience, required a specific and creative plan.


Spot Color began by taking stock of what was being posted on both the Oregon Food Bank and Waterfront Blues Festival social media channels. We developed a plan for building on and strengthening that content with an in-depth social media calendar. This calendar gave specific topics for the OFB team to post about on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the three months leading up to the festival and during the event. We targeted specific hashtags to connect with that social media savvy audience and we executed a photo contest and giveaway campaign to appeal to everyone.

The entire plan was implemented through three intensive training and content-generating sessions we held with the OFB team.

Finally, members of the Spot team stepped into the action by volunteering to attend the festival and live-posting on the 4th.


The Oregon Food Bank team confidently executed the social media campaign Spot Color Marketing developed. As a result, they gained a wider audience with new social media followers, including more than 2000 new likes on the Waterfront Blues Festival Facebook page. Overall, their social media presence contributed to the success of the event.

  • 26% increase in Twitter followers
  • 124,000 impressions in 28 days — an increase in 457% over the previous 28 days
  • 500% increase in retweets and 600% increase in link clicks

The 2014 Waterfront Blues Festival was an incredibly successful event and the donations generated will allow Oregon Food Bank to continue their amazing work in the next year.

  • $1.1 million in donations
  • 100,000 festival attendees
  • 33K pounds of food donated

Visit The Oregon Food Bank website to get involved!

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Ride Connection

Ride Connection is a non-profit that provides transportation services to customers in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties. They came to Spot Color asking for help with planning their website redesign project.

A clear vision for future growth.


Ride Connection works with community partners to provide and coordinate transportation services primarily for older adults, people with disabilities, disabled veterans and other individuals. Ride Connection and its network of partners serve customers in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties with customer-focused, safe, reliable transportation service. Their services include door to door service, public transportation training, and emergency rides.


Ride Connection was planning to build a new website that was responsive to the needs of their users, partners and donors. The goal was to improve usability, serve customers better, and increase donations and community support. Spot Color’s primary objective was to become fully immersed in the organization in order to gain the insight needed to provide Ride Connection with a comprehensive overview of what should be included in a Request for Proposal document. This discovery phase promised to provide an informed RFP that would account for all of the nuances of a complicated organization.


Spot Color wanted to make sure that the needs of all of Ride Connection’s various stakeholders were considered in the design and development of their new site. This information was wide and varied in demographic nature. Their new and current sites serve a vast number of internal and external users.


Spot Color put together a schedule, questionnaire and conducted interviews with a wide variety of the Ride Connection website users. Stakeholders interviewed included staff members, customers, partners and donors. We put this information together in a document titled “User Stories” that summarized the experiences and needs of all of the different website users. In addition to collecting this information, we conducted a thorough audit of Ride Connection’s current site in order to fully understand current business processes and form submissions. We then worked with our technology director to create a recommendation of a platform and web applications. From there, Spot Color created a high-level content strategy to pair with the technological suggestions.


This clearly organized summary of user needs, itemized description of Ride Connection’s current assets and the resulting site design and technology recommendation gave Ride Connection the information they needed to move forward with the next phase of their website project.

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Cook & Love Shoes

Cook & Love Shoes is an online and brick and mortar shoe company. They came to Spot Color Marketing for rebranding, website design, content marketing and SEO.

50% Increase in Web Traffic | 300% Increase in Online Sales


Cook and Love Shoes is a family-owned business committed to making every woman feel cute, comfy and confident in her shoes. Open since 1925 with locations in Memphis, Nashville and Jackson, Mississippi, their mission is to offer a high-level experience to each customer who visits their stores or shops online.


The Cook and Love family wanted to update the company’s image to appeal to a broader audience, bringing in new online and brick and mortar customers. The goals were to increase website traffic, boost online sales and build a younger customer base, all while continuing to provide an excellent experience for their loyal customers.


In the days of Amazon, Zappos and Shoes.com, Cook and Love faces stiff competition. Spot Color wanted to help Cook and Love establish a recognized and trusted name so customers would be happy to rely on their online presence to purchase shoes. Additionally, Cook and Love’s new website, marketing content and branding needed to appeal to and drive traffic from their three different geographical locations.


Spot Color rebranded the company with a new logo and style guide that uses fresh, bright colors and an inspired, modern look, to appeal to younger audiences.

With this new branding package, we designed an original, modern website and then launched a targeted content marketing campaign to fill the site with meaningful and relevant messages. Our weekly blog posts focus on fashion, creativity, and fun, appealing to Cook and Love’s new audience.

With a great brand, new site and fantastic content ready to go, we implemented targeted SEO tactics to further increase traffic to the site. Keyword research determined relevant terms for the three different geographical markets Cook and Love serves. Through our research we found that local markets drive the most traffic to Cook and Love’s site, so we worked on building links and authority in the Memphis, Nashville and Jackson markets.


The results of our work were immediately noticeable. Visits to Cook and Love Shoes’ website increased by 50% right away and those extra visits increased sales. Within months of starting our campaign, Cook and Love’s online sales increased 300%, generating thousands of dollars in revenue. Cook and Love’s new site is getting attention from online shoe lovers and bloggers, generating interest with the younger audience that Cook and Love is targeting.

Visit Cook & Love Shoes and be cute, comfy, and confident.

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Update Your Website’s Security, Get a Boost in Search Engine Results

SSL Security

SSL + Security: Updating your SSL Security

Having a quality website is vitally important for business owners today. If you are an entrepreneur, you probably have performed a thorough evaluation of your site.

Is it easy for visitors to navigate and find what they need? Does it do an effective job of promoting your business and its offerings? Is it updated on a regular basis, both to provide up-to-date information and also capitalize on the current digital marketing trends?

All of these questions can be rendered moot, however, if your site is not secure through an SSL. Short for Secure Sockets Layer, an SSL on your website uses public-key encryption for any session between your server and a client. When established, this SSL link protects all the data of both your business and your customers exchanged during an online transaction.

Not only does an SSL connection keep your customer’s data safe, but Google has made having one a requirement. As of January 2017, sites without an SSL are labeled “unsecured” by Chrome. This can turn away potential customers who may be fearful of entering personal information like credit card numbers.

What’s more, Google now gives a slight ranking boost to sites with a SSL 2048-bit key certificate. An SSL certificate doesn’t get your site the same rankings boost as high quality content, but having one certainly can’t hurt.

To create an SSL connection for your site, you must first buy an SSL Certificate. These certificates are purchased from third-party companies known as certificate authorities, to which you submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

After you provide details verifying your identity, as well as the identity of your company and website, whatever certification authority you choose will issue an SSL Certificate. The certificate can be issued only to a company or an individual who agrees to be legally accountable for the website.

Obtaining an SSL is important, but it is just as crucial to keep your SSL up to date. Updating your SSL security helps guarantee that the encryption protecting your site remains current and strong. Without these updates, your site can become vulnerable to hackers and other potential computer crimes, jeopardizing the data of your consumers, your business and your reputation.

SSL security is one of the most important aspects of your business. Spot Color Marketing can manage any aspect of the process for you — whether you are seeking a new SSL Certificate, need an update, or desire an overall upgrade in SSL security to a 128-bit encryption key.

Spot Marketing is a Google Certified Partner and based in Portland, OR. We’re considered a premier digital marketing agency with clients Nationwide. If you need a new or updated SSL Certificate, contact us by calling (503) 477-4355 or email us at spot@spotcolormarketing.com.

Spot Color also offers comprehensive branding, marketing and technological services. See our portfolio at www.spotcolormarketing.com.

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