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E-A-T is a way for Google to deliver what users want. And because Google wants it – you should want it. And what is it? E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. And while Google is notoriously tight-lipped about specifics, in response to a leaked version making the rounds on

Effective Small Business Online Marketing Strategy Every small business needs to develop an effective online marketing strategy. There is just too much happening online not to be a part of it, and not to be grabbing your share of the market. And even if your small business doesn’t sell products

When It’s Time to Find a Marketing Agency for Local SEO When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, it’s imperative that your agency be constantly working to increase your rankings. It’s not enough to get some keywords to rank well and then take their foot off the gas.

Demystifying Local Website Development Local website development is the process of creating a website in a local environment, where developers use a local machine or device to build and maintain a website. Local development has no relation with the physical location of the device, business, or developer. All beginners first

An Online Marketing Agency for Your Small Business If you’re a small business choosing an online marketing agency, the best way to start is to find small agencies that specialize in online marketing. Big companies or those associated with media outlets won’t be structured to provide the type of personalized

The Right Digital Marketing Agency for Your Needs Is a full-service digital marketing agency right for you? Let’s look at some considerations: Is your marketing currently being handled by yourself, perhaps with an employee assisting and then with some of it outsourced? What kind of efficiencies are you losing and