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Custom-designed apps have many benefits for companies. It can be the entire experience and the start of a new brand like with the gaming or social apps that are being developed.

For an existing company, it has the ability to improve direct communication with clients and customers. A mobile app can also be a logical extension of your brand while bringing new functionality to a completely new platform that can lead to greater customer engagement and convenience. It can also lead to new customers who prefer to engage in this manner.

And if done correctly, it can also really position your company strongly against your competition who may not have entered this space yet.

Here are links to apps that members of our team have helped develop.

Foode Experience

Brought to you by the former president of Nike Air Jordan, Foode is the ultimate social media network for food lovers everywhere! Connect with other foodies, share your experiences, and build your list of favorite restaurants.

Download on the App Store:

The ThankYou App

he ThankYou app allows you to attach special messages to ThankYou stickers to include with cards, gifts and more. On the backend of this app we built software that generates more than 10,000 unique web pages and connected QR codes a day with a robust media management database attached.

Download on the App Store:

Gator Text

Gator Text is a text message marketing platform that allows users to create text campaigns, drip campaigns, sweepstakes and more.

Web App: