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Maybe it’s hard to see from the surface, but marketing in the digital age is a lot like being a gunslinger in the wild west; the best advice is to keep your finger on the hammer at all times. With access to customer insights and analytical tools we take more precise aim. It allows marketers to stay closely aware of how the consumer and other marketers are expected to react to an ever-changing environment. It’s never a one-stop pony-show either. You have to be Doc Holiday with a heightened sense of purpose and instinct to continually stay on top. There is always someone trying to get a leg up on you. There are so many angles to aim from these days via smartphones, tablets and computers. Analytics gives you the best shot at lining up your sight in the optimal spot to hit your target dead-on. Analytics is an essential function to drive business performance upward and onward, and capitalize on the never-ending trending.

Analytics of Analytics:

Google recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform an in-depth survey of 150 marketing, analytics, and informational technology executives that invest in digital channels as marketing tools. Of these “sophisticated marketers,” more than half claim they use well-established metrics to directly impact their business objectives. These marketers are three times more likely to hit their goals than other marketing organizations.

A complete marketing analytics spread will consist of five or more tools, and is 39% more likely to see improvement in the overall performance of their marketing programs.

60% of marketers said that analytics tools are found to be difficult to use for outside stakeholders within the organization.  Which is why the marketers are there in the first place. It takes a special breed to be passionate about finding associations between numbers, actions, thoughts, feelings and implementing them into an integrated strategy to overachieve. But that’s what makes marketing an interesting business, we have to come in ready to dodge, shake step, and shoot when the timing is right. There is an overwhelming sense of pride coming out on top when you know what you’re up against.

Do you feel your company isn’t implementing marketing analytics with its business objectives? You’re not alone. At Spot Color, we specialize in analytics metrics and integrating marketing objectives. Let us help you drive your business performance, it’s our job! Give us a call at 503-477-4355, or visit us online @

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